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[PC] X-COM UFO Defense Gold Edition [by Trapacer] 2018 No Survey

[PC] X-COM UFO Defense Gold Edition [by trapacer] 2018 no survey

X-COM UFO Defense is a classic turn-based strategy game that pits humanity against an alien invasion. The game was originally released in 1994 as UFO: Enemy Unknown and later renamed as X-COM: Enemy Unknown in the US. The game was critically acclaimed for its deep gameplay, challenging difficulty, and atmospheric graphics and sound. The game has spawned several sequels, spin-offs, and remakes over the years.

In 2018, a user named trapacer uploaded a torrent file of X-COM UFO Defense Gold Edition on SoundCloud. The Gold Edition is a bundle that includes the original game and its expansion pack, X-COM: Terror from the Deep. The torrent file claims to be a no survey download, meaning that users do not have to complete any online surveys or offers to access the file. However, the legitimacy and safety of the file are questionable, as there are no comments or reviews from other users who have downloaded it.

Download File:

The torrent file also does not provide any information about the source or quality of the game. It is unclear whether the game is compatible with modern operating systems, or if it has been modified or patched in any way. Moreover, downloading and playing the game may violate the intellectual property rights of the original developers and publishers, who still sell the game on various digital platforms such as Steam and GOG. Therefore, users who are interested in playing X-COM UFO Defense should consider purchasing the game legally from these sources, rather than risking downloading a potentially harmful or illegal file.


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