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Hakim Solovyov
Hakim Solovyov

Map Dota 7.78 Ai [REPACK]

RAMPAGE!! icefrog need to complete all the heroes in dota 2 before he makes a map in dota 1 and in dota 2 also but non the less he will make more map in dota 1 but more time in dota 2 for every week update!!

Map Dota 7.78 Ai

dota ai 6.78c BUGS: 1)when -scmc enabled, some of the sentinel supercreeps just stay in the base, they don't move (particularly the ancient hydra & the siege golem) except when attacked by the scourge, giving the scourge an advantage. 2) when -st enabled & medusa used buriza do kyanon while attacking towers, the glyph activated indefinitely, however when medusa stopped attacking & let the creeps do the job the +99999 armour was no longer there. ERRORS: 1) when -scmc enabled, the game crashed at the later period, 2) when -st enabled, the game crashed after medusa killed 4 AI heroes simultaneously with buriza do kyanon equipped. 350c69d7ab


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