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Going Down River Road Pdf Download !!HOT!!

During the research stages of my road trip planning, I downloaded a PDF River Road map featuring Laura, Oak Alley, Nottoway, Houmas House, Tezcuco, San Francisco, and Destrehan plantations. And yes, the vintage magnolia motif is what grabbed my attention. Little did I know, the map was a bit outdated (lesson learned), and one of the featured mansions on the drive was no longer there.

Going Down River Road Pdf Download


Laura Plantation, located four miles downriver from Oak Alley, is an example of a Creole plantation. Elevated high off the ground on brick columns, the vernacular of the multi-colored main house is a distinct departure from the monumental Greek Revival architecture of other period plantations in Louisiana. Sadly, a large portion of the house burned in 2004. Although the part that was destroyed has not been rebuilt, the surviving parts have been restored. In addition to the main house, Laura Plantation features several outbuildings, including six slave quarters.

Thanks for sharing your story, Jeanne! The reason we did not do tours on our River Road drive is because we were pressed for time. As a travel writer, I have toured more historical homes than I can count, and I always love hearing the stories of the families who lived in these houses through the years. I always enjoy visiting gift shops, too, but alas I am in a downsizing rather than accumulating phase in my life, so I am not looking to add to my possessions. The refineries definitely detract from the former beauty of the river, and even though the plantation homes are lovely, I will never forget that they were financed on the institution of slavery. Thanks again, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

Thanks for sharing, Nikki! FYI, Cathy: Oak Alley, St. Joseph/Felicity, and Laura are side-by-side downriver. Destrehan is the farthest away from Houmas, and Nottoway is upriver. I still think Laura would be your best bet to pair with Houmas!

The crew has ground down the asphalt on 22nd Avenue and there is currently an abrupt two-inch edge between the curb and the street. The roadway is closed to vehicles and pedestrians for their safety, and only residents who live immediately within the block are permitted on that section of road. Thank you for your caution.

After the falls, the road continues climbing passing into a subalpine ecosystem filled with Englemann Spruce and fir. Views soon open up and if time permits make sure to take a moment and stop at Down Valley View. From the turnout the view looking back down Fall River Valley is spectacular.

Little Hole Put-In (Easy Shuttle)From Dutch John, UT, go west on Center Street until you can reach W Little Hole Rd. Follow this road 4.8 miles to its end at the river and Little Hole Recreation Area.

Section B - The biggest rapid of the area! (4-5 hours / 8 miles)Section B starts at Little Hole and continues down to Indian Crossing. The river is much more mellow in this section and quite calm until Red Creek Rapid. Red Creek Rapid marks the biggest rapid in the area, Class III, and a chance to test your mettle. Though class III, the rapid is short and easily scouted. Not for rank beginners, but most rafters won't have much difficulty. Stay left is my advice. After the rapid, the river lazily meanders past many excellent campsites before reaching Indian Crossing.

Section C - The biggest fish in the area?!?! (5-6 hours / 11.5 miles)Section C starts at Indian Crossing and continues down to Swallow Canyon Ramp or Swinging Bridge. This section is mellow and slow. It is rumored to have bigger fish than Section A or B, but they are hard to catch. Though slow, I recommend this section to those up for a lazy section of river. Swallow Canyon, in particular, is pretty and well worth the time to float.


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