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Waylon Watson

Notes From A Small Island Audio Book Free Download BEST

Wow, this is so nice. I was referred to e-Audio Productions (do you know them?) to help me self narrate my audiobook. I got so much information from them (that is also mentioned here) and help on my gear setup and settings. I am about to start reocrdings. The thing is that the audio will need editing because I believe I will be making a lot of mistakes during my reading and also cleanup and mixing to meet the technical requirements for audiobooks otherwise they tld me it can get rejected and that is basically why I am going with this company. The before and after examples were amazing!

Notes From A Small Island Audio Book Free Download

One idea that comes to mind is to include a link to a page on my web site where the listener can access all the models and follow them while listening to the audiobook, and/or which could also be downloaded for free as a PDF. Your thoughts on this?

Hi Rob, thanks for all that you do for us novice audiobook authors. This is my fifth audiobook and when I downloaded my first file I got an error message from ACX. Under the category AMS (dB) which is greek to me, it has a red -38.6. What do you think I did wrong? Everything else in the ACX report is okay.

Great Article ! thanks for sharing . Can you advise on the following. I have a lot of books that I have kept from childhood. I would love to record to an audio book and share them with the world. What would you suggest ? where should i start ? should i inquire with the author and publishing company? .. I would appreciate your suggestions and insight . Thank you!

Very informative article. My father is a writer from India with many books to his credit. He writes in Nepali language, a language which uses Devnagiri script. I am planning to re-sell some of his titles in Amazon and then get an audiobook of the same, and may use ACX. I was wondering if ACX provides services for audiobooks in languages other than English. Any idea on that?

Thanks for this list! Our family loves audiobooks too. Our favorite is the A Long Way from Chicago series by Richard Peck. We listen to them on our long road trip every Thanksgiving. Gone Away Lake is the perfect summer book! I had a recent post on my blog with some of our other favorites. -audiobooks-your-whole-family-will.html

Check with your library for audiobook rentals. They may have discs at the library, but most libraries also have an on-line library of e-books and audiobooks that can be downloaded (though they do expire after a certain amount of time)

You can sign up to get the audio-format catalog mailed to you every two months,. This is a catalog of our newest titles with annotations. People with access to the Internet can check PAWS, our online catalog. If you are interested in seeing what books are available for you to download online or play on the BARD app, can browse the BARD catalog of digitized talking books. Some books are not available directly from our New York holdings, but we can request them to be sent to you from our National holdings. You can browse or search the National catalog here. And you can always contact the library for more information.

Talking books come in a few formats. Most popular are the NLS digital books and magazines which are audio files available on special format cartridges called DBs or Digital Books, and also for downloading from the BARD website or listening to through the BARD iOS or Android app for mobile devices.

Special playback machines are provided free of charge to play the cartridges. The digital machines will also play books downloaded to a computer and transferred to the player using a USB flash drive. The machines may be kept for as long as patrons are borrowing NLS cartridges from the library. Patrons must borrow, or download from BARD, at least one talking book or magazine per year in order to keep their service status active and keep the machines. If not being used, the machines must be returned to the library.

Yes. The library has a large collection of Spanish language audio books and a small number of Russian language audio books. There is also a limited collection of books in other languages available for . We can send lists of these titles upon request. As there are limited quantities of these titles available for all of the United States, there is usually a wait for these titles.


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