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Vmware Converter Standalone 6.1.1 Download Fixed

Yesterday I downloaded the standalone converter from and converted my old XP system to a VM. I will find out if it works in a few hours when the copy is done. I followed the instructions here: -your-existing-windows-xp-system-into-a-virtual-machine/ and so far so good. I also found out that even though my XP system is old, the latest converter still worked.

Vmware Converter Standalone 6.1.1 Download

This page contains a list of products released by VMware. vTracker is automatically updated when new products are available to download (GA) at If you want to get notified about new VMware Products, subscribe to the RSS Feed. You can also use the JSON export to build your own tool. Feel free to comment when you have any feature requests.

VMware Converter is a great tool for P2V conversion. @regnor Thanks for sharing. Did anyone use the VMware converter boot CD for P2V conversion? I have used both VMware converter boot CD and vCenter converter standalone. I am looking forward to the new release!

First of all, go to My VMware and download version 6.2 of VMware vCenter Converter Standalone. You should end up with a 172.26 MB file (VMware-converter-en-6.2.0-7348398.exe). Run the installer as administrator.

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