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Luxor Amun Rising HD - Download Free Games for PC

luxor is a modern take on the old-fashioned style of puzzle game featuring a unique egyptian storyline and gameplay. as a descendant of the previous two games, you must follow the steps of imhotep, the high priestess, in order to stop set's evil plot and save the lives of his people. this is a challenging action-puzzler which will have you jumping and flying to your destination, defeating enemies, collecting all the gems, and completing the challenges. in luxor you will be faced with a couple of different types of puzzles, but the majority of the gameplay will be jumping, climbing, swinging, and using your magical flying scarab to defeat the enemies. you will also be required to rotate the different blocks you are given in order to move them, which will be an interesting new experience for those who enjoy the classic puzzle type of gameplay. there are also over 40 challenging levels to complete with a variety of obstacles and enemies to destroy. the story will take you to the vast land of ancient egypt and will allow you to engage in epic battles with various enemies, including imhotep's thugs, the evil set, and even the god osiris himself. a flying scarab is the tool you will use to traverse the land of egypt..

Luxor Amun Rising Torrent Download

luxor: amun rising is a game for ios and android devices. developed by the french indie team of level up studio, it was initially released in 2012 for the ipad. the game was released in june 2013 for iphone and ipod touch devices. the game is set in ancient egypt, and a sequel titled luxor: mystery of the pharaoh's tomb was released in april 2014.

luxor: amun rising is an action-puzzler that takes you on a thrilling adventure across ancient egypt. this time, isis has enlisted you to battle set and his evil minions. tasked with saving the egyptian world, you must use your mystical winged scarab to destroy the approaching colored spheres. stop them all before they can reach the pyramids at the ends of the paths or all of egypt is doomed! you'll battle familiar enemies, including the sand-swimming serpent, and new foes, including the reborn scorpion prince, and the dastardly mechanical bull that can spit fire!


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