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DEVOLVE - Running Up That Hill (Extended Mix) ##HOT##

Rail devolution is something that remains high on both the Assembly and TfL radars, and so it was no surprise when it reared its head at the April Transport Committee meeting. Joanne McCartney opened this topic by asking Sir Peter for an update on the South Eastern / Greater Anglia rail devolution discussions with the DfT. Sir Peter said the DfT had announced a significant reprogramming of the franchise programme. TfL does not believe that this new programme, with several franchise extensions, invalidates the concept of devolution or the ability to devolve a franchise prior to refranchising. Sir Peter made the specific point that reducing the scope of an existing franchise to devolve services to TfL would always involve a negotiation and this could be done at any point in the life of a franchise.

dEVOLVE - Running Up That Hill (Extended Mix)

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